Surface RT for 199$ at Best Buy

We may not have the Black Friday event here in Canada (we have one called Bxing Day right after Christmas though), but it's fun nonetheless to look at all those amazing deals.

A really good deal is the Surface RT for 200 bucks at Best Buy.

The Surface 2 is way better in ever single department, but for that price, if you were looking for a tablet and you weren't sure, this is the deal to get.

With Windows 8.1, the Surface RT is a lot faster and boosted in functionality including a way better multitasking feature. Yes, your 200$ tablet can do two things at the same time like a Skype video call while browsing, playing a game while chatting or working on the included Microsoft Office while browsing Ebay; try doing that with your more expensive iPad.

I would get the Touch/Type cover with it!

Link right here.