My name is Joseph Machalani, but you can call me Jay.

I used to always sign every single thing "J.Machalani" and even use that as my name online until a website refused "J" as my first name. So, I wrote the exact pronunciation of my first letter.

I am a User Experience, User Interface & Branding Architect. My work is not around beauty and shininess, it's all about psychology and the users themselves. I love big hard design challenges, complex problems to solve and find ways to optimize the way we use technology. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're designing a mobile app or the HUD of a fighter jet, you need a well thought interface and structure.  I always aim for something straightforward and simple and if it doesn't have a purpose, than it shouldn't be there. Everything in my sight is negative, especially my work, since there is always place for innovation and we should never settle down. I play the synthesizer, I'm a Canon photographer and a short film director on YouTube.


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